Animals sense good vibes and bad ones from people, they sense the vibrational energy.  They sense our " aura " its a sense we all have when walking into a room, stood in a queue or in close proximity to people stood within our personal space. Animals sense things 50 times more than we do.

I work with Dog's that a lot of vet's say had a very slim chance of regaining full health, some that many said will never trust people again after being abused.

Some dog's are physically unwell usually with leg or back problems or their stressed out because they were abused as puppies so have trust issues.

Animals respond so well to Reiki, their very much like people, if you restore their soul they can heal past traumas.

Animals are so much like our selves, they feel loneliness, anxiety and stress, they too get board and depressed and can feel pushed out and unloved.

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