We care for your dog's welfare
we have a  great passion & love for dogs
Michelle Courtney-kaye

Michelle Courtney-Kaye

Fully enhanced D.B.S. Licence

Licenced with the local authorities

Doggy day care is available from 7.30 am untill 6pm

Dogs will be taken for an hour long walk in the mornings and 1 hour in the afternoon

More details to be posted soon, if you require further details please ring


Guest book for dog grooming   

 We have a suitable vehicle with dog cages if a collection and delivery service is required.

 Please contact me to chat about Doggy daycare, let me know your pets needs and the times for drop off or collection service if required.

My Licence requires that all dog daycare users have  full vaccinatons and a full worming and flea programme.  Please phone me and let me know your requirements.

Disease control & vaccination:
Adequate precautions are taken to prevent and control the spread of parasites amongst the dogs.
Proof must be provided, dog’s must have current vaccinations against canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, canine adenovirus, leptospirosis, l. canicola and l. icterohaemorrhagicae and canine parvovirus, kennel cough and other relevant diseases. 

The course of vaccinations must have been completed at least four weeks before the first date of daycare or in accordance with manufacturer instructions.  A record that this proof will be  supplied will be kept on-site throughout the period that the dog is in daycare.




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