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  1. Why is my dog nervous when we go to the groomers ? is a question that I sometimes get asked.

    Customers are welcome to sit and have a cup of tea with me while their dog is being groomed for their peace of mind, only a couple of people do this I will try to accommodate you.  I do ask that the owner keeps out-of-the-way and never interfere with the dog and that you allow me to do my job to the best of my ability.

    Most dogs will tolerate being groomed and just take it in their stride knowing that they feel better afterwards so put up with having knots groomed out, standing for long periods of time while being groomed and putting up with the unpleasantries of having the tiny fluffy hairs being plucked out of their ears (not all dogs need this doing only the none shedding ones usually).

    Hairdryers are noisy pieces of electrical equipment which sound louder to dogs, their ears are much more sensitive to noises about 50 times more so again the dryer isnt a pleasant thing to endure.

    Some dogs have ticklish feet and cant bear them being touched.

    As a dog groomer I try to gently ease your dog into allowing me to ease the knots out and gently pluck the ears to the limitations of the individual dog as humans, some are terrified of the Dentist and others are more tolerant, its just the same with your dog.